BDBB – An interview with Ryan Winkler

On this episode of The Break Down with Brodkorb and Becky, Michael Brodkorb and Becky Scherr break down the following:

  • 00:01:07 – An interview with former Representative Ryan Winkler, who unsuccessfully ran for Hennepin County Attorney last year, about public criticism he raised about the work of incumbent Hennepin County Attorney Mary Moriarty.
  • 00:04:52 – Should Moriarty be criticized for following her campaign promises?
  • 00:09:16 – Should Attorney General Keith Ellison be taking over more cases from Moriarity?
  • 00:15:14 – Does Moriarty’s approach differ from other county attorneys in Minnesota?
  • 00:31:08 – There is an organized effort to recall Moriarty from office. Is this the right approach?
  • 00:32:19 – What’s next for Winkler and criminal justice in Hennepin County?
  • 00:36:10 – A recap of the interview with Winkler.
  • 00:44:07 – The Break Down with Brodkorb and Becky’s Football Pick’em Pool

The Break Down with Brodkorb and Becky will return with a new episode next week.

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