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Why I am voting for Jim Schultz for AG

As I noted in a previous post, I am disclosing how I will vote in statewide races because I want to add context to my analysis and commentary. Over the last decade, I’ve offered detailed analysis and commentary on Minnesota politics while casting my vote in the voting booth’s privacy. I’ve voted for a split ticket in past elections, and I did today.

I am not paid for my analysis and commentary, and who I decide to vote for is based on several factors, but again, the party label is not the top factor. I have no expectation that people will be influenced by my endorsements or by which candidate earns my vote. Again, explaining how I vote will add more depth to my analysis and commentary. People will be able to compare my votes with my take on politics.

In the race for attorney general between DFL-incumbent Keith Ellison and Republican Jim Schultz, I voted on Election Day for Jim Schultz.

Schultz was the only Republican candidate I voted for in the Republican Primary in August, which I publicly disclosed on Twitter. He was the first candidate I endorsed.

I know there is a public debate about the attorney general’s role in Minnesota. This debate has shaped how people may cast their votes.

I believe the attorney general has a leadership role in addressing Minnesota’s growing public safety problem. Crime and public safety are among my top issues this election cycle, and Schultz earned my vote because of his focus on building the coalitions needed to tackle this problem.

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