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TBR – Interview with Rep. Mike Freiberg

In this episode of The Brodkorb Report, Michael Brodkorb, Becky Alery, and Todd Walker interview Rep. Mike Freiberg (DFL) on his proposal for a new state flag.

Michael and Becky analyze President Joe Biden’s State of the Union address – and the reaction by House Republicans.

Next, Michael and Becky critique the government’s messaging response to the shoot down of UFOs.

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TBR – Interview with Rep. Jon Koznick

In this episode of The Brodkorb Report, Michael Brodkorb, Becky Alery, and Todd Walker interview Rep. Jon Koznick (R) on his concerns with the legislative process at the Minnesota State Capitol.

Michael and Becky debate the removal of Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) from the Foreign Affairs Committee.

Michael and Becky discuss failed Republican governor candidate Dr. Scott Jensen’s continued attempts to play the political victim.

The Brodkorb Report will return next week with a new episode.

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TBR – Interview with Rep. Zack Stephenson

In this episode of The Brodkorb Report, Becky Alery, Todd Walker, and I interview Rep. Zack Stephenson (DFL) on efforts to legalize marijuana and other legislative developments at the Minnesota State Capitol.

Becky and I also continue the discussion from last week about the new developments on the ongoing and growing controversies involving Congressman George Santos and the classified documents President Joe Biden took to his private office and home after he had left the vice presidency.

The Brodkorb Report will return next week with a new episode.

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TBR – The DFL Debrief Crossover Episode

The Brodkorb Report sat down with the crew of The DFL Debrief to discuss the two-year anniversary of the 1/6 insurrection, the DFL trifecta’s legislative agenda, Kevin McCarthy’s dramatic bid for Speaker of the House, and so much more.

The DFL Debrief is a podcast hosted by Ken Martin – the longtime Chairman of the DFL Party. Brian Evans – the DFL Party’s Communications Director, and Will Davis – the DFL Party’s Research Director. The DFL Debrief covers important political news out of Minnesota and offers behind-the-scenes insight and analysis of state and national politics, and it’s available wherever you listen to The Brodkorb Report.

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TBR – Lack of GOP message and MOA security

In this episode of The Brodkorb Report, Todd Walker moderates a discussion with Michael Brodkorb and Becky Alery about the lack of Republican visibility in Minnesota. Failed Republican candidate for governor Scott Jensen is back on the campaign trail – Michael and Becky share their opinion on why this is a terrible idea.

Michael and Becky next talk about the ongoing voting in the House of Representatives to elect a new speaker. Becky shares her experience working in Washington, DC, during a previous vote for House speaker.

Michael interviews Rob Doar, Senior Vice President, Government Affairs for the Minnesota Gun Owners Caucus, about new security enhancements at the Mall of America. Becky and Todd give their thoughts on the interview.

The Brodkorb Report will return next week with a special edition of recording with the Minnesota DFL.

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TBR – The Brodkorb Report Holiday Special

In this special holiday episode of The Brodkorb Report, Becky and I welcome the return of Todd Walker. Becky and I discuss breaking news about the recommendations made by the January 6th Committee that the Justice Departmant pursue criminal charges against former President Donald Trump. Next, Becky and I talk about the ongoing turmoil at Twitter.

Next, Becky and I turn the tables on Todd by talking with him about his recent travels and work as a travel journalist. Becky and I share our holiday traditions, and Todd recommends holiday events in the Twin Cities.

The Brodkorb Report will return next week with a new episode.

PROGRAMMING NOTE: This is our eighth podcast episode. I think this is our best audio quality to date. As we’ve said before, we’re committed to producing a high-quality podcast – with great content. We’re making technical adjustments each week. We plan on releasing an episode every week for the foreseeable future, and we’re booking fantastic guests for upcoming shows.

Finally, I thank Becky and Todd for their contributions, ideas, and hard work. The podcast wouldn’t work without their voices and insight – nobody wants to listen to me talk to myself. Thanks again for listening!

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TBR – Annette Meeks, GOP Candidates

In this episode of The Brodkorb Report, Becky Alery and I interview Annette Meeks, the former vice chair of the Republican Party of Minnesota and CEO of the Freedom Foundation of Minnesota, about her recent op-ed in the Star Tribune about why Minnesota Republicans are having such a difficult time winning statewide elections.

We next discuss the runoff election results for the U.S. Senate in Georgia and the problems Republicans are having with candidate quality. In the final segment, we debate whether you can call yourself a Republican if you vote for Democrats.

Todd Walker – the Whip/moderator for The Brodkorb Report – is still traveling the world. He’ll be back for our next episode. Links to subscribe to The Brodkorb Report are available below.

PROGRAMMING NOTE: This is our longest episode, and we recorded it with new equipment. I’d welcome your thoughts and suggestions on the episode length and audio quality. We’re committed to producing a quality podcast!

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