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In the news: Moving Minnesota’s Presidential Primary

I signed up for a public effort to move up Minnesota’s presidential primary along with former Republican elected officials and party leadership. The new push was started by the Minnesota DFL’s elected officials and party leadership. The Pioneer Press reported the details of the proposal.

To the soundtrack of Prince’s “Let’s Go Crazy,” a group of top Minnesota Democrats paraded before the national party Thursday to make their case for allowing the state to move its presidential primary up to be among the first in the nation.

Putting Minnesota in the company of — or perhaps displacing — Iowa, New Hampshire, Nevada and South Carolina, could bring unprecedented national attention and political activity and money to the state, perhaps beginning as soon as 2024.

But for anything to change, the state Republican Party would have to agree, and so far, they’re mum — although some Minnesota Republicans have voiced their support for the idea


David Hann, chair of the Republican Party of Minnesota, has declined to comment to the Pioneer Press this week. Democrats could be hoping that signals of support from the DNC, as well as potential pressure from other Republicans, could give Hann cover to support the idea. The state Republican party’s profile could raise considerably from that of a flyover purple state to an essential stop on the campaign trail.

So far, a number of prominent establishment Republican figures have publicly stated their support, including former Gov. Tim Pawlenty, former U.S. Sen. Norm Coleman, former U.S. Rep. Vin Weber, and six former high-ranking officials of the state Republican party: former chairs Rob Eibensteiner and Ron Carey, former deputy chairs Kelly Fenton and Michael Brodkorb, former Executive Director Becky Alery, and former Communications Director Mark Drake.

DFL Chair Martin told the DNC Thursday he’s confident the state party will ultimately support the change. “I’m convinced we get them there,” he said.

The DNC has said it will announce its preferences in August.

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